Rizka, student from Indonedia
1-12-2013 untill 30-06-2014

It has been a pleasure for me living in Oudenoord. The service that NL-Housing provides are really good. The house are in good condition and they are clean. I became really good friends with the housemates; they are really nice and fun while still respecting each other's privacy.

Rizka Amalia Soetjoko, 19 (Indonesia)


Dianal, student from Lithuania
1-2-2012 untill 31-07-2012

I stayed in NL-housing Pelikaanstraat house during the second half of my Master year at Utrecht University. I wish I lived there from the beginning! Great atmosphere and nice roommates. House is all very good equipped -  it has everything you need and even more.  Having not a very pleasant experience with Dutch landlords before living in Pelikaanstraat house, what I appreciated most were friendly and helpful landlords. Could not ask for the better ones.  I really enjoyed my stay here and highly recommend this place.



Samuel, student from the USA
1-2-2012 untill 31-05-2012

The rooms they offer are great, and the service was respectful and timely, but what is making me write this review is that they behaved like decent human beings. Mid-way through my contract I had to leave for unexpected reasons, and the management of NL-Housing was very understanding and helpful with the process of finding another tenant in a very short time span. It is this understanding quality which I appreciate and commend of NL-Housing, and which makes them stand apart from other Dutch Landlords.


Katri, student from Norway
1-2-2012 untill 30-06-2012

I have found my stay with the NL-housing most pleasing. Everything in the house on the Pelikaanstraat is in top notch condition. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The house is equipped with all the things that are needed and if something has been missing, it's been delivered quickly. My roommates are great and everybody gets along well. This is not only a place to stay while studying abroad, it actually feels like a home. I sincerely recommend NL-housing when searching for accommodation. What also makes the stay so pleasant is the fact that the people behind NL-housing are so kind and sincere. You don't have to hesitate to ask for help or more information. Highly recommended!


Ben, student from Germany
1-8-2010 untill 15-02-2012

I rented a room in the house on Nieuwlichtstraat from September 2011 until early February 2012 – an excellent accommodation with an international flair. It is very well-equipped, clean, comfortable and friendly, conveniently located for shops and all amenities and is ideal for both long term and shorter stays. The Management of NL-Housing is very helpful, friendly and easy to reach, so that the occasional necessary minor repair is always dealt with immediately.
So, if you are looking for a comfortable home from home with interesting housemates and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, NL Housing is the right address for you. I really enjoyed my time there and hope there will be a room free in one of their houses in September when I return to Utrecht after completing my semester overseas.


Turan, student from Turkey
1-10-2011 untill 31-03-2012

I have lived in Oudenoord 427 for six months. I must say I really enjoyed my stay here. The room was quite nice. The furniture and facilities were rather new. The most important thing about my stay would be the interactions with the Management of NL-Housing. Whenever we had a problem we had with the house, they always responds quickly and usually the problem is solved in the same day. Therefore for all these reasons, my stay at Oudenoord 427 was a pleasant one.


Lucas, student from Brazil
1-05-2011 untill 31-12-2011


Hi NL-Housing,

Thank you for the opportunity!
You are really helping people from abroad to start life easier in The NL.



Saurabh, Medical student from India
01-08-2006 untill 01-09-2008

My stay at this place has been absolutely fantastic. I have been staying here for a year and a half now, and my stay has beem extremely pleasant. The great thing about the whole accommodation is the very international. All the flatmates get acquainted and then become good friends real fast and theres a very social atmosphere at the house. With big supermarkets very close by and an easy access to the city centre, everything is just so convenient. It feels more like home now, and I am glad I was able to make some really great friends during my stay here.


Tanis, Law student from Estonia
01-08-2006 untill 01-07-2007

stayed in the house for almost a year while I was doing my masters degree in Utrecht University. What I liked the most was the friendly environment where all the flatmates quickly became your friends. All the people were from different countries and backgrounds but eventually the place felt like home for me.

Generally I think this accommodation has many advantages compared to SSH who provides housing for most of the University students and Im happy with my choice.